Mindset Mentoring

Mindset Mentoring

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Within my mindset mentoring my objective is to strengthen your perspective, alter your mindset towards that of a successful human. Getting you on the right track to reach your maximum potential. Getting rid of ALMOST all relationship problems and giving a strong effort to improve one's cognitive ability.

In this experience, I intend to give you all of the tools and characteristics I have implemented into my life in order to get me to where I am today, mentally and physically. 

I have complete confidence that once given the opportunity to work with you, you will see radical improvements in your physical reality and conscious reality.

In the past 12 months, I have created a platform of over 1,200,000 people and reached over 50,000,000 sets of eyeballs. 

Moved from my small home town to downtown Miami,

purchased my dream car all before the age of 21.

I find my joy sharing my knowledge with others, helping them achieve the life they know they deserve. 


  1. 20 MODULESIntro set your intention of the experience, what do you anticipate to gain. 
     finding your purpose, what will help you find peace knowing what you’re doing fulfills you and adds value to others.
  2. Vison - getting you very specific on when, how, you’re going to achieve these dreams.
  3. mindset- developing the characteristics you need to develop in order to create a life of abundance and happiness.
  4. tools - once you’ve created your new life with the modules prior to this section, these tools will help you sustain this new life.
  5. bonus section - how to manifest, a guided meditation, how to run a business, my daily routine, how to grow a tiktok.
  6. 1 on 1 experience - 1 45 minute long phone call where we dive deep and I hold you accountable to implement the topics into your daily life and make sure you are heading in the right direction towards your dream life.


I am NOT a mental health professional, I am under no circumstances in which my 'MENTORING' can be classified as professional mental help. I am here to give advice to my best ability based on past experiences of mental battles. I AM IN NO WAY FORCING YOU TO PAY FOR THIS PROGRAM.  No refunds once services have been rendered. No refunds on modules due to access being granted for life. It is not my responsibility for my clients to schedule their own calls hence at the end of each call I state “make sure to schedule another call”


My mission is to influence the masses.

I believe we all have unlimited potential but sometimes it takes a nudge in the right direction to capitalize on our gifts we were given.

My dream is to show everyone it’s never been easier to

Create Your Reality.

I’m no different than you or the next best person...

We are all capable of anything we set our minds to and I’ll spend my life showing the world this until my time is up.